Learning Resources for the Life Sciences

It’s difficult for students, educators and researchers to find high quality, interactive educational resources. I would like to change this…

Welcome to Life Science Interactive!

This website will highlight educational resources in the life sciences that are interactive and fun. You will find here a wide assortment of learning objects, videos, modules, animations and games. These resources are available for use in your teaching or study but please remember to credit the creator of the resource when you use or share it.

This website is constantly changing as I find and add new resources. If you know of an interactive resource that you would like to see featured on this website or if you are looking for a resource on a specific topic, please contact me (anne(at)lifescienceinteractive.com). Please make sure you include a description of what you are looking for (i.e. “animation showing cell membrane transport”, “learning object on phagocytosis”, etc.). I’ll see what I can find and share it here, so everyone can learn from it.

Anne Seller, Life Science Interactive

If you are looking for resources on a specific topic, please contact me via LinkedIn or E-Mail (anne(at)lifescienceinteractive.com):